The Southernmost Point of Continental Asia – Or Is It?

Located just off the southwestern coast of Sentosa Island in Singapore is a supposed geographic phenomenon – the Southermost Point of Continental Asia.

The setting is located, logically enough, on the water and offers a gorgeous view of the port of Singapore. There is a problem though.

Not only is Singapore an island, Sentosa is an island and even the small spit of land where this sign is located is an island off of Sentosa. That’s three islands! So just how then can anyone lay claim to the fact that this is the Southernmost Point of CONTINENTAL Asia?!

Such a tourism ruse is unlike Singapore, my favorite island city-state. I guess it really doesn’t matter in the long run though. There probably aren’t a lot of people like me who walk past the bright lights of the myriad attractions found on Sentosa in order to find this small spot of dubious tourist interest, but I’m glad I did. We got there just as the sun was setting and it made for a wonderful first evening in the home of the Merlion.

So if you’re looking for the Southernmost Point in Continental Asia, I seriously doubt that this tertiary island is the real deal. But if you’re looking for a quiet evening walk along the water in what is usually an all too hectic city, then a trip to the sign will serve you well.

LandLopers at the Southernmost Point

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